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Welcome to Reillys Reg'd Shih Tzus, Canada. Pull up a chair close to the fire and grab a dog to cuddle, for we love to remember the stories passed down from our parents and grandparents of the goodness, mercy and miracles of God.

Reillys Reg'd is named in memory of our mother, gone these last several years now. A wonderful, strong, loving woman that never turned away a stranger or a stray, be it two legged or four. She loved every one, and was beloved by all her knew her.

One day, while we were out doing errands, she spotted a tiny face peeking from a gentlemen's pocket, and was enthralled by the tiny sparkling eyes, a button nose and beautiful flowing hair of the enchanting creature. "What kind of a dog is that?", she inquired of the gentlemen. He laughed and pulled the little one from his pocket and placed it in her hands. "This," he whispered, "is a Yorkshire Terrier." From that day forward, she decided that one day, she would have one of the magical creatures for her very own.

Unfortunately, that day never came for this wonderful woman, for she fell ill, and never came to realize her wish. This is where our story begins.....

In late 2013 we decided to retire from Yorkies, and continue on with our Shih Tzus. This breed has literally won our hearts, and although I love other breeds, in my opinion, the Shih Tzu is definitely heads, tails and paws above in temperament, and a most loving heart. I know Mom is watching in approval, for "Love avails much..." and the Shih Tzu is love personified.

All Reillys Reg'd Shih Tzu puppies come:
  • CKC Registered
  • Micro-chipped for identification
  • 1st set of vaccines
  • Vet check health records
  • Introductory 6 week Pets + Us ($1000) Insurance
  • Written Health Guarantee
  • Deworming Program started at 3 weeks
  • Food & Gifts Puppy Pack
  • Continued breeder support for the life of your dog

Please call 289.339.5418 or (Cell/Text) and speak to us about upcoming litters.

UPDATE APRIL 9th, 2018...No further deposits will be accepted until Fall, 2018

  • female- J. Dalimonte - deposit in
  • female M. Coulter- Deposit in
  • non-gender specific- I. Alvares deposit in
  • female- G. Chimienti -deposit in
  • female- B. & R. Campanelli

March 2018 - 1 chocolate and 1 black breeding

I will not be accepting any further deposits on these 2 litters.

  • 1st pick female- M. Bozzo- deposit in
  • A. Chawla
  • Breeder pick
  • A. RODOBOLSKI deposit in
  • A. Ng deposit in
  • male - J. Knox - deposit in
  • A. Sunder-Deposit in
  • C.Rahn - Deposit in
  • S. Preston- Deposit in

Do Not look at where you may be on the list. The names span several litters/time frames/colors/genders.

I am asking that each client contact me via email, and reconfirm your name, full address, contact information, gender and color. Unfortunately, my computer has been giving me issues and some information is buried deep. Just place this information only in the email. Thank you.

Giving Back! Yes, we rescue!

Reillys Reg'd supports Pantry Four Paws, Hamilton's local Pet Food Bank. Pantry Four Paws also works with the community and aids in successful cat/kitten rescue and adoption. Contact Pantry Four Paws for additional information on available cats/kittens.

Garage sale has been moved to May 19th, 2018, We apologize for the misinformation

Increase the Immune System on Your Puppy/Dog

We feed 1/8 of a tsp daily of organic coconut oil to our puppies and 1/2 tsp. daily to our dogs to help improve their immune systems. For more information on how Coconut Oil can help your canine pal, click

Myra Savant Harris
Canine Reproduction & Whelping
Puppy Intensive Care
Course Certificate

Dr. Jean Dodd
The Canine Condition:
Latest Knowledge on Vital Topics
Course Certificate

Reillys Shih Tzus are pampered with 4 and 5 star foods. They are raised lovingly underfoot, and well socialized.

We feed TLC All Life Stage Pet food.

To order food for your puppy or dog, please click the logo. Auto-shipped to your door!

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